Lagos Declaration and Call to Action on Science Communication and the Public Learning and Understanding of Science (PLUS) in Africa,

27-29 July 2016, Lagos, Nigeria

Local in impact, Global in Scope’

This seminal and ground-breaking document, the first of its kind in Africa is a  strategic, inclusive and empowering exhortation and Call to Action to all African scientists, researchers, academics and policy-makers, at national, sub-regional and regional levels, in Universities, Research Institutions, public and private sectors, and in the African Diaspora, to mobilise action, diverse resources, policy development, programmes and capacity-building for the delivery of innovative, African-centric, culturally and locally relevant and contextualised science communication and the public learning and understanding of science (PLUS) for African publics, through diverse formats and platforms such as: interactive community outreach and engagement, particularly in rural areas; science journalism; science communication on all media platforms – radio, television, online and social media; science centres and science museums, etc.