‘Science & You’ Conference, 3-5 June 2015, in Nancy, France

The ‘Science & You’ Conference was held from the 3-5 June 2015, in Nancy, France, with the theme ‘Create the future’. Dr. Rasekoala attended the Conference as a Keynote Speaker and delivered a presentation entitled ‘Science Communication in a Post-2015 World: the nexus of Trans-national, Multi-disciplinary and Socio-cultural contexts’. This paper has been published in Chapter 4, in the Book‘Science Communication Today – 2015: Current Strategies and means of action’.

Read more on the website! www.science-and-you.com/en/

There is more detail on the speakers here: www.science-and-you.com/en/keynote-speakers/

Further information on the book can be found at:http://www.lcdpu.fr/livre/?GCOI=27000100582130/

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