Dr. Rasekoala was invited by the French-Chemistry and Society Network (Chimie et Societe) to deliver a Keynote Lecture at the IUPAC 2019 Congress – Symposium 4: Chemistry and Society, held on the 7-12 July, in Paris, France. The Chemistry and Society Symposium was very ground-breaking as it was the first of its kind in the long history of the IUPAC Congress. This inaugural IUPAC Congress-Chemistry and Society Symposium was organised with the ambitious aim of engendering an international network of advocates and champions for the advancement of Chemistry and Society within IUPAC and the wider field of Chemistry education, research, and communication, including the private sector and Chemical industries.

Dr. Rasekoala’s Keynote Lecture was entitled, ‘Advancing Chemistry Education and Communication in Africa: Challenges and Prospects for transformation in Policy, Practice and Capacity-building’.

Link to the French – Chemistry and Society Network: http://www.chimieetsociete.org/en/news/regional/639-iupac-2019-paris-feedback-on-symposium-chemistry-and-society.html

Summary Report on the Inaugural IUPAC 2019 Congress-Chemistry and Society Sessions. http://www.africangong.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/ChemistrySociety-Summary-ReportIUPAC-2019.pdf

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