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JCOM Commentary Series ‘The need for feminist approaches to science communication’ – September 2019

Dr Rasekoala contributed an article to this Commentary series led by Prof. Bruce Lewenstein, ‘The need for feminist approaches to Science Communication’. This is a unique collection of contributions inspired by feminist approaches to science communication, and the authors include: Claire Wilkinson, Megan Halpern, Stephanie Steinhardt, Tania Perez-Bustos, Laura Fogg-Rogers & Laura Hobbs and Elizabeth Rasekoala.


As science communication develops as a field of both practice and research, it needs to address issues of equity, diversity, and inclusion across a wide range, including race, power, class, gender. Doing so will require deeper understanding of conceptual work and practical activities that address those issues. This brief comment introduces a series of commentaries that provide one approach: feminist approaches to science communication.


  • science communication: theory and models
  • social inclusion
  • women in science

The link for the Commentary series is at:

link to journal in English

Dr. Rasekoala’s contribution is titled, ‘The seeming paradox of the need for a feminist agenda for science communication and the notion of science communication as a ‘ghetto’ of women’s over-representation: perspectives, interrogations and nuances from the global south’

The direct link to her article is at:

link to journal in English

Additional background to this Commentary series from the PCST 2014 Conference held in Salvador, Brazil, in 2014, is at:

link to article in Portuguese/English

Imagine Pangea Africa – Latin America Science Communication Competition

  • Article in Nature Journal, ‘Science popularization: Research videos in indigenous languages’. Click the image to read article.
  • Article in The Conversation online Journal, ‘Indigenous Languages must feature more in science communication’. Click image to view article.

    link to article in English