Inaugural Africa Scientifique Workshop

Testimonials – Feedback from Facilitators of the Inaugural Africa Scientifique Workshop

Overall Impressions of & Recommendations for the Africa Scientifique Programme

The workshop was well received and the participants were engaged.

The topics covered in the workshop are relevant to the needs of young researchers. Participants were highly engaged which showed the need of the content in their lives. This programme is also a need for young professionals who are often thrown into work without any formal training in communication, public speaking and writing skills.

The organizers of the workshop should continue with the work that they have already started. As a facilitator I was highly impressed with the organization of the programme and the high calibre of speakers invited to participate in the workshop. This is a high quality programme that deserves a wide South African audience.

  • Prof. Fanelwa Rachel Ajayi – Talking about the challenges that African researchers & Academics face with science communication in Africa, and the benefits of the Africa Scientifique Programme in enabling them to overcome these challenges. 
    (Video in English)

On the Impact of the Africa Scientifique Workshop on their Leadership drive for the advancement of Science Communication in Africa

Apart from feeling great for contributing to the needs of the young researchers; the greatest benefit from my participation is that my research work will improve by including some of the aspects which young researchers require when they enter the workforce.

More and more there are demands on academics to participate in Science Communication/Public Engagement activities and these are being considered by funders and even for promotions.

It will definitely be part of my work as I progress with my career. My commitment is that none of my students will graduate without having some form of training in science communication/public engagement. I also feel that I need to keep learning to see how this field of science communication/public engagement grows and improves in South Africa and to ensure that those changes are incorporated in my work. Read More.

  • Prof. Nox Makunga – Talking about the challenges for science communication in Africa, and the benefits of the Africa Scientifique Programme in addressing these challenges.
      (Video in English)

The African Scenarios on Science Communication: Perspectives on Challenges, Opportunities and drivers of advancement

There is currently very little research in Science Communication and in understanding whether community based science communication activities are actually in fact reaching the right audiences and having a future impact.

This field is not taken seriously enough and not embraced as important in the
training of researchers. As such there isn‘t enough funding to fund programmes such as Africa Scientifique. Science communication/public engagement isn’t taught at school or most universities as part of the training needed by scientists. This would be of great benefit to scientists on completion of their programmes.

Science communication in South Africa and other parts of Africa has largely taken lessons from other places. It is important to have local solutions are directed at the African scenario. Read More.

  • Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala – Talking about the rationale and drive for African Gong’s conceptualisation of the Africa Scientifique Programme, for the delivery of its vision and mission of realising a scientifically literate African citizenry empowered through scientific knowledge.
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  • Prof. Fanelwa Rachel Ajayi – Talking about the relevance and good practices of the Africa Scientifique Programme for African unity, empowerment and Indigenous Knowledge dissemination.
    (Video in English)
  • Prof. Fanelwa Rachel Ajayi – Talking about the benefits of the Africa Scientifique Programme for African researchers and academics.

(Video in English)