Inclusive Science Communication Symposium 2021

African Gong participated in the 2021 Inclusive Science Communication Symposium (ISC 2021), contributing to the Panel Session on ‘Towards an Inclusive History of Science Communication’ on the 14th October, 2021.

Session Abstract

Towards an Inclusive History of Science Communication – Acknowledging, embracing and celebrating a global history of science communication.
There is growing awareness about the role of science communication in diversifying and decolonising science. But what about the need for diversifying and decolonising our understanding of science communication itself?
The practice, research and teaching of science communication today continues to be dominated by Eurocentric, Anglophone and heteronormative paradigms. There is an urgent need for decolonising our understanding of science communication by acknowledging, embracing and celebrating the wide diversity of knowledge sharing approaches employed by people across time, cultures and continents.
Our session will serve as a primer for understanding and moving towards an inclusive history of science communication. It will provide an introduction to historically diverse ways of exchanging knowledge, discuss the pivotal role of visual storytelling in the history of science, and highlight the importance of engaging with a more global history of science communication to address present-day issues.
Attendees will also have an opportunity to share their favourite science communication examples from their local cultures, contexts and countries!
Link to ISC 2021 session video below
African Gong also participated in the Session #ISCS 21 – ‘Advancing the Decolonization Agenda in Science Communication and Museums’
Link to the video below