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The Imagine-Pangea Africa-Latin America & the Caribbean Science Communication Competition, has been featured in the highly prestigious Nature Scientific Journal!!! You can find a link to the article here:











The Imagine-Pangea Project has also been featured in the online journal The Conversation, which has a monthly audience of 5 million users!!! Find the link here!!!






Calling all African Masters' and PhD Students!!! - Look out for the Imagine-Pangea Africa - Latin America Science Communication Competition, in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese languages - coming early 2018! Click here for a link to 2017's Competition page! 


Lagos Declaration and Call to Action on Science Communication and the Public Learning and Understanding of Science (PLUS) in Africa, 27-29 July 2016, Lagos, Nigeria



African Gong is a Pan-African Network for the Popularization of Science & Technology, and Science Communication in Africa. It is developed with the strategic support of the UNESCO Africa Region. It aims to create a strategic platform from which Africa can contribute to global structures and institutional capacities for the advancement of science communication, science and society studies and the public learning and understanding of science (PLUS). It also contributes a uniquely relevant and inclusive African-centred paradigm and community of practice to the global development agenda and addresses the critical need for transformation in the science communication and the PLUS sector. African Gong also facilitates and enables the strategic positioning of science and its applications at the heart of the African sustainable development framework.

In choosing the traditional African Gong instrument for our name and symbol, we commit ourselves to the principles of its use in African societies, as an instrument to call folks together for debate, discussions and interactive engagement, on a communal basis, for the betterment of all. Thus, in developing African Gong, we envision a network that is multi-disciplinary, inclusive, interactive and multi-level in its membership, constituencies and partnerships, for the purpose of the exchange of information, regional and continental co-operation, including the African Diaspora.