Decolonising Museums and Science Communication, held on the 13th May 2020.

African Gong contributed to the First Ecsite Online Webinar Series Event – ‘Decolonising Museums and Science Communication’, held on the 13th May 2020. The Webinar attracted over 500+ participants from across Europe, Latin America, Africa and North America. The link to the event/video as follows: Decolonising museums and science communication Webinar African Gong also contributed […]

SCI:COM 2019 ‘Creativity – Novel approaches to Science Communication’

Dr. Rasekoala was invited by the SCI:COM Ireland to contribute as a Keynote Speaker to their annual flagship SCI:COM 2019 ‘Creativity – Novel approaches to Science Communication’ Conference, held on the 3rd December 2019, in Dublin, Ireland. Dr. Rasekoala’s Keynote presentation was entitled – ‘Creativity in Science Communication: moving from myths and rhetoric to the […]

Ecsite Advocacy Group on Diversity, Equity and Social Inclusion

African Gong has been an active member of the ever growing Ecsite Advocacy Group on Diversity, Equity and Social Inclusion, which is made up of Ecsite members committed to leading and driving innovation and transformation in their institutions on these critical inclusion parameters. The Group was formed as a direct outcome of the Keynote Address […]

SAEON Science Meet & Workshop, 21-25 October 2019, Cape Town, South Africa

Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala delivered a workshop session to the SAEON Science Meet & Workshop (Senior Researchers, Academics & Administrators of the SAEON Nodes) to upscale practice and programme development for science communication and public engagement in the SAEON programmatic framework. The theme for the workshop was entitled, ‘Science Communication with the different Publics – From […]

The NAT AWARD 2019

The African Gong President – Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala has been honoured with an international science communication award, in recognition of her long-standing work in advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in science communication globally. Dr. Rasekoala was conferred with The NAT AWARD by the Natural Science Museum of Barcelona, in Barcelona, Spain, on the 12 June […]

WAFIRA Impacts, Outcomes and Legacies

Since its inception in 2014, the WAFIRA programme has directly benefited, empowered and impacted 1,500 African female Academics and Researchers, in the countries of Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Benin, and indirectly benefited and impacted thousands more, through the outreach, mentoring, capacity-building and sharing of its knowledge hub by the WAFIRA participants, Alumni, Facilitators, Mentors and […]

WAFIRA Photo Gallery (2014-2018)

WAFIRA Keynote & Motivational Speakers WAFIRA Facilitators & Mentors WAFIRA Participants (Female Masters’ & PhD STEM Researchers and Academics)

WAFIRA Testimonials

English Testimonials from Participants

WAFIRA Testimonials

French Citations de Participantes Une petite confidence : Wafira m’a stimulée. Si la conférence avait eu lieu avant les élections dans les départements, je me serais présentée aux élections. WAFIRA va au-delà de mes attentes et vient mettre toutes les chances de mon côté pour réussir ma carrière. Son apport est d’une valeur inestimable, le […]