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African Gong is an organisation committed to the realisation of a scientifically literate African citizenry driven and powered by its ownership of scientific knowledge. In this regard, we are keen to ensure that we have the widest possible reach to the various individuals, organisations, institutions, private sector companies, etc.,

working for the advancement of science and technology, science and society, and science communication on the African continent, including those based in the African Diaspora.

We welcome the support, contributions, and solidarity of all those who share our vision and mission, and request that you join us as we engage in this daunting challenge to empower Africans through scientific knowledge so that they are better able to make informed choices and decisions that will improve the quality of their lives.

The Membership of African Gong is free and open to both institutional and individual categories, and also, multi-disciplinary, including the following:

  • Academics and Universities;
  • Media and Science Journalists;
  • Civil Society Organisations (CSO’s);
  • Policy-makers at national, sub-regional and regional levels;
  • Science & Technology Centres and Museums (established and in development);
  • Science Academies (Senior and Junior) at national and regional levels;
  • Researchers, Research networks and Research Institutions;
  • Educators;
  • and the Private sector across the African continent

Membership in all the above fields/sectors is also free and open to the African Diaspora (institutions and individuals). Membership will enable you to get early updates on our activities and events, to obtain discounts for participation in our Summits, Conferences and Workshops, and to network with colleagues via our thematic working groups.

To join African Gong please complete the form and submit to Dr Elizabeth Rasekoala:

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