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London School of Economics (LSE) Impact Blog Article – July 1st 2020 ‘‘Anti-racist science communication starts with recognising its globally diverse historical footprint’.


Authors: Dr. Lindy Orthia and Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala

AbstractScience Communication is often presented as a unique response to and offshoot of the prevalence of western science in modern societies. Lindy Orthia and Elizabeth Rasekoala argue against this notion, suggesting that a temporally and culturally limited understanding of science communication, in turn promotes a limited discipline of science communication and serves to perpetuate a singular idea of how and for whom science is communicated. Click image to read article.


1st International Science Centre and Science Museum Day (ISCSMD), November 10, 2016

  • Dr. Rasekoala has contributed an African Gong blog entitled“ISCSMD 2016: A Global Platform for Reflection, Transformation, and Mainstreaming the SDGs in Science Centres and Science Museums”. The blog can be found here.

    Link to Blog in English

The ‘Ecsite 2016′ Annual Conference, 9-11 June 2016, in Graz, Austria

  • Dr. Rasekoala attended the Conference as a Keynote Speaker and delivered a presentation entitled ‘Innovative Narratives and Frameworks for Colourful Science Communication: The European Landscape, Globalisation and International Co-operation’. She also contributed a blog entitled ‘Truly socio-culturally, inclusive, ‘colourful’ and gender-balanced’ to the Ecsite Newsletter ‘Spokes‘, which can be found here.

    Link to Article in English