Africans talking about Science Communication in Africa: Africa Scientifique Programme 2020

  • Ms. Zinhle Mthombothi – Talking about the unique good practice of the Africa Scientifique 2020 Programme in bridging the challenging African researchers’/policy-makers’ divide, through engaging policy-makers in the programme, in dynamic discussions with the participants, and its likely impact on policy development for science communication advancement in South Africa.
    (Video in English)
  • Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala – Talking about African Gong’s vision for the growth of the Africa Scientifique Programme across more STEM disciplines and the African continent, through the establishment of strategic partnerships with African Universities and Research Networks, for the advancement of science communication and sustainable development on the African continent.
    (Video in English)
  • Dr. Rejoyce Gavhi-Molefe – Talking about the transformative and multi-level benefits and impacts of the Africa Scientifique 2020 Programme on the science communication skills, knowledge and motivation of the AIMS Students’ who participated in the programme.
    (Video in English)
  • Mr. Djoumessi Donteu Kerol Roussin – Participant of the Africa Scientifique 2020 Programme, talking about his challenges with science communication and the benefits and impact of the programme on his skills, leadership and knowledge.
    (Video in French)
  • Prof. Nox Makunga – Talking about the need for enhanced diversity in science communication and the role of the Africa Scientifique Programme in bringing on board diverse African voices, perspectives and knowledge to the field.
      (Video in English)
  • Prof. Fanelwa Rachel Ajayi – Talking about the benefits of the Africa Scientifique Programme for African researchers and academics.
    (Video in English)
  • African Gong contributed to the First Ecsite Online Webinar Series Event – ‘Decolonising Museums and Science Communication’, held on the 13th May 2020. The Webinar attracted over 500+ participants from across Europe, Latin America, Africa and North America.

The link to the event/video as follows:

Decolonising museums and science communication Webinar


African Gong also contributed to the event follow-up Q&A Session – ‘Q&A Decolonisation #EcsiteOnline Webinar’. The link to the video:


  • IUPAC 2019 Congress…Video on ‘Chemistry in Africa: African Voices’
    (Video in English with subtitles in French)

2ND AFRICAN CONFERENCE ON EID AND BIOSECURITY – Public Learning & Understanding of Science (PLUS) Faculty, 27 – 29 July, 2016, Lagos, Nigeria

The PLUS Faculty was organised by African Gong in partnership with the GET

Click here to view the event.

The feedback videos contributed by key stakeholders are showcased below:

  • Dr. Mahama Ouedraogo: Keynote Speaker – Director of the Africa Union Commission-Human Resources Science & Technology (AUC-HRST), Senior African continental Science & Technology Policy-maker
  • Mr. Joao Cossa: Panel Speaker – Government of Mozambique – Ministry of Science & Technology, Higher Education, and Technical Vocational Education, and African Gong-Executive Board Member, Senior African National Science & Technology Policy-maker
    (Video in Portuguese) 
    (Video in Portuguese)
  • Mr. Chidi: Participant – Young African Researcher, MSc student in Public Health & Microbiology
  • Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala: Convenor – President – African Gong