• African Gong contributed to the First Ecsite Online Webinar Series Event – ‘Decolonising Museums and Science Communication’, held on the 13th May 2020. The Webinar attracted over 500+ participants from across Europe, Latin America, Africa and North America.

The link to the event/video as follows:

Decolonising museums and science communication Webinar


African Gong also contributed to the event follow-up Q&A Session – ‘Q&A Decolonisation #EcsiteOnline Webinar’. The link to the video:


  • IUPAC 2019 Congress…Video on ‘Chemistry in Africa: African Voices’
    (Video in English with subtitles in French)

2ND AFRICAN CONFERENCE ON EID AND BIOSECURITY – Public Learning & Understanding of Science (PLUS) Faculty, 27 – 29 July, 2016, Lagos, Nigeria

The PLUS Faculty was organised by African Gong in partnership with the GET

Click here to view the event.

The feedback videos contributed by key stakeholders are showcased below:

  • Dr. Mahama Ouedraogo: Keynote Speaker – Director of the Africa Union Commission-Human Resources Science & Technology (AUC-HRST), Senior African continental Science & Technology Policy-maker
  • Mr. Joao Cossa: Panel Speaker – Government of Mozambique – Ministry of Science & Technology, Higher Education, and Technical Vocational Education, and African Gong-Executive Board Member, Senior African National Science & Technology Policy-maker
    (Video in Portuguese) 
    (Video in Portuguese)
  • Mr. Chidi: Participant – Young African Researcher, MSc student in Public Health & Microbiology
  • Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala: Convenor – President – African Gong