2021 Africa Scientifiique Workshop


On the impact of the Africa Scientifique workshop on their science communication and public engagement presentation & communication skills and knowledge

I have enjoyed the sessions, because it was life-changing. I have been exposed to all the secrets behind being a good presenter and writer.

The sessions were learner-centred; the participants showcased their presentation skills which have drastically improved in the last 3 days. I learnt a lot and noticed how I had improved my presentation skills.

Know your target audience and the message you want to deliver, and use the right tools/formats.

I learnt how to be creative and how well I can monitor and evaluate the impact of my science communication activity.Read More

On the Impact of the Africa Scientifique Workshop on their Leadership drive for the advancement of Science Communication in Africa

Communication and public engagement is the best way to share the Mathematics and science knowledge we have gained and help to address the challenges facing our communities and the country at large.

Mathematics is a key solution to the existing world problems but we emerging scientists need to be able to share it in the communities’ local languages so that it impacts many people.

Every social problem has a mathematical solution which we can communicate and implement.

There should be multi-dimensional interactions between scientists and the public.Read More

On the Impact of the Africa Scientifique Workshop on their ability to Conceptualise, design and plan Science Communication and Public Engagement activities/projects

I enjoyed the session because I was well mentored on how you can design a science communication project all in just one slide. I see myself going far with this knowledge.

The real-life practical exercise challenged our time management and improved our presentation skills, in terms of slide/proposal preparation. In addition, the small amount of time and having to use only one slide challenged our imagination.

Be creative in your presentation design for it says a lot too about your message.

The last session on day 3 was a time of laughter and time to be amazed with how participants had improved in 3 days. I could see peers who had challenges speaking in front of the room on the first day coming to speak with confidence. I could also see the transformation in my public speaking too..Read More

Feedback on the Expertise, delivery and Impact of the Africa Scientifique Workshop Facilitators

We learnt a lot from Ms. Fredericks. Her slides were colourful and she explained them well.

Excellent skills and knowledge we were equipped with from Dr. Nox. Made me think in other terms especially what I plan to do after AIMS, how well I should communicate, strategies and lastly, to plan wisely.

Take home message from Prof. Edson – ask for help from people who have achieved what you wish to undertake.

The summary on how we should prepare for presentations was very good.Read More

Overall Impressions of & Recommendations for the Africa Scientifique Programme

From start to finish, the workshop was really awesome. From the facilitators to the participants, everything was so unimaginable and helpful. It changed my life.

There is hope for change. Evaluating myself from how I used to feel when going in front of people to speak, I can now simply say –‘More Africa Scientifique workshops, more effective and successful scientists’.

I was one of the people who registered late because I never wanted to attend. But today, I can say it would have been the biggest wrong choice of my life not attending.I learnt a lot of skills in just 3 days and I could see the transformation in the way I present to the public. I wish it went on for a week.

The Africa Scientifique workshop needs to be promoted everywhere in Africa and extended to other institutions beyond AIMS. Read More