Africa Scientifique – Approach

The Africa Scientifique programme is both intensive and highly interactive, and involves the utilisation of a plethora of tools, methodologies, approaches and platforms to capacity-build, empower and advance African researchers, scientists, academics, and science communicators.

African Gong has designed the Africa Scientifique programmatic framework within flexible, multi-level and multi-disciplinary approaches, such that the programme delivery can be customised to fit with and address the specific requirements, gaps and challenges of the diverse science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) discipline and fields, for young and emerging African scientists, researchers and academics.

The Africa Scientifique programme content is defined by the strategic ambition to provide African scientists, researchers, academics and science communicators’ with the opportunity to develop and refine research capabilities, presentation and science communication/public engagement skills and knowledge, as well as building career planning strategies and networks. These objectives are delivered by African Gong through bringing on board inclusive African perspectives and practitioners, and African experts.