Dr. Rasekoala was invited as a Panel Speaker, by the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation (CSTMC), which co-organised the panel entitled ‘Women, Science, Engineering & Communication’, and presented on the topic of ‘Inclusive Science Communication: A key driver of Gender Equality in STEM’. Here is a link to their English website: http://www.science-and-you.com/en; and the French website: http://www.science-and-you.com/fr/

The direct link to the website for the Panel is:

English: http://www.science-and-you.com/en/women-science-engineering-and-communication

French: http://www.science-and-you.com/fr/femmes-sciences-ingenierie-et-communication

Here is a link to the summaries of the Panel presentations, in French: http://www.science-and-you.com/en/node/501/; and in English: http://www.science-and-you.com/fr/node/509/