WAFIRA is a highly innovative and African-centric capacity-building and training programme designed to meet the leadership development, career aspirations and professional development needs of African women in STEM, in academia and research. WAFIRA also aims to enhance the delivery of mentoring and support networks to advance the careers, progression and retention of women researchers and academics in African Universities and Research Institutions. The WAFIRA programme is particularly targeted at Women in STEM Academia and Research, and at early career stages (Masters’, PhD’s, and Post-Doctorates).

The WAFIRA initiative has been conceptualised as a radically game-changing framework in seeking to transform the discourses, narratives, advocacy and platforms for the advancement of women in academia and research, from that of continually ‘problematising their victimhood’ to that of innovative leadership as agents of self-empowered, self-enhanced, and self-driven individual and collective leadership. It is also worth noting that the WAFIRA programme is very uniquely, ‘Made in Africa’, by African women, for African women, and delivered by African women.