African Gong has been an active member of the ever growing Ecsite Advocacy Group on Diversity, Equity and Social Inclusion, which is made up of Ecsite members committed to leading and driving innovation and transformation in their institutions on these critical inclusion parameters. The Group was formed as a direct outcome of the Keynote Address of the African Gong President, Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala, at the Ecsite Annual Conference in Graz, Austria, in 2016, and since then has been actively engaging to engender the institutionalisation of good practice across the field, in solidarity and collaborative partnerships. African Gong has been a Co-Convener of The Ecsite Advocacy Group’s Pre-Conference full day training Workshops at the Ecsite Annual Conferences, which have been delivered at the 2017 Conference in Porto, the 2018 Conference in Geneva, and in 2019, at the Ecsite Annual Conference, in Copenhagen.

Ecsite preconference 2018

Ecsite preconference 2019