Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation, May 2, 2017

Dr. Rasekoala was invited as a Keynote Speaker to address the All-Staff Meeting of the CSTMC (with over 200 members), to contribute to the CSTMC’s proposed Women in STEM programme, and delivered a presentation entitled, ‘Inclusive Science Communication: A key driver of Gender Equality in STEM

African Union Commission (AUC) – 8th African Union Pre-Summit on Gender

Dr. Rasekoala was invited by the African Union Commission-Human Resources Science & Technology (AUC-HRST) as an Expert and Stakeholder representative to the 8th African Union Pre-Summit on Gender (African Ministers’ of Gender & Women Affairs and Experts) to deliver a Panel Presentation for the Session on ‘Girls and Women’s Education in Africa with Emphasis on […]

African Union Commission (AUC) – Fund for African Women (FAW)

Dr. Rasekoala was appointed by the AUC as a member of the Steering Committee for the Fund for African Women (FAW), and invited to the Technical Meeting of the Committee, to a) Evaluate Project proposals submitted by Member States to the FAW under the 2014 Call, on the theme- ‘Environment and Climate Change’ – 56 […]

United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) – 8th Joint AUC-ECA Conference of Ministers

Dr. Rasekoala was invited by the UNECA as an Expert Panel member for the 8th Joint AUC-ECA Conference of Ministers, High Level Policy Dialogue on ‘Making Agenda 2063 work for African Women: What needs to be done’. Dr. Rasekoala’s presentation was entitled ‘How can Science & Technology be used to unlock women’s potential?’ Dr. Rasekoala […]

African Development Bank (AfDB) – International Women’s Day (2015)

Dr. Rasekoala was invited by the African Development Bank as an Expert and Resource person on Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) for the International Women’s Day (IWD), 6 March, 2015 Series of Events at the Bank Head Office in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Dr. Rasekoala also contributed to the Roundtable Session on ‘AfDB Investments for […]

Gender Summit Africa 2015

Dr. Rasekoala was invited to contribute as a Panel Speaker at the Gender Summit Africa, held on the 28-30 April 2015, in Cape Town, South Africa. She delivered a presentation entitled, ‘Creating Inclusive and Integrated Science & Technology Sectors – Highlighting the Good Practice of the Gender & Socio-cultural Inclusion in Global Change Research Project’ […]

African Union Commission (AUC) – Stakeholders’ Consultation: ‘Year of Women Empowerment and Development Towards Africa’s Agenda 2063’

Dr. Rasekoala was invited by the AUC as a Stakeholder representative for the Stakeholders’ Consultation on the 2015 Theme: ‘Year of Women Empowerment and Development Towards Africa’s Agenda 2063’ of African Ministers’ of Gender and Women’s Affairs, Gender Focal Points of Regional Economic Commissions, UN Agencies and other Development partners, and African Civil Society organisations. […]

SAEON GRADUATE STUDENT NETWORK-12th Indibano, 1-6 September, 2019, Port Elizabeth, South Africa

Dr. Elizabeth Rasekoala delivered a workshop session to the SAEON Graduate Student Network (Masters’ & PhD students), to enhance practice and programme development for science communication and public engagement. The theme for the workshop was entitled, ‘Science Communication and Democracy: South African paradoxes, paradigms and imperatives for change’

IUPAC 2019 Congress, 7-12 July 2019, Paris

Dr. Rasekoala was invited by the French-Chemistry and Society Network (Chimie et Societe) to deliver a Keynote Lecture at the IUPAC 2019 Congress – Symposium 4: Chemistry and Society, held on the 7-12 July, in Paris, France. The Chemistry and Society Symposium was very ground-breaking as it was the first of its kind in the […]

African Gong Signs MOU with AIMS-South Africa: Strengthening our Partnerships for Pan-African Science Communication Advancement

African Gong has established a new partnership with AIMS-South Africa to further enhance the programmatic delivery framework of both organisations, with a particular focus on advancing the communication of Mathematics and upscaling the public engagement skills and capacities of AIMS Lecturers, Students and Researchers. The partnership has been formalised through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) […]